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TY for the vote of confidence Nonna

This email is not an invitation to be a delegate.

In CA, each presidential candidate presents to the Secretary of State their list of delegates. This page will show you Ron Paul and Mitt Romney's chosen delegates:

The numbers represent congressional districts. If you lived in congressional district 1, you would see three names, each with a 1 before them, and on the bottom of the page, the alternates chosen by the campaigns, not the state, if for some reason the chosen people can not go.

All of the people you see listed on the Ron Paul page are Ron Paul Republicans. Many are also now seated in your district on committees and soon to become, "Liberty candidates".

Because Romney won the June 5Th election, his delegates will be going to the RNC in Tampa. What this email is offering you, is a chance to meet and greet delegates PLEDGED to Romney, and CA congress, assembly, senators, CA Republicans with seats and offices. It is a fundraiser for the delegates to give them support, but it is also having fun and meeting office holders. It's an opportunity to get your issues heard by CA GOP VIPs in a cocktail party atmostphere, and one reason it's so expensive (cheap for some people, but expensive for many of us).

Had Ron Paul won, we would be doing the same thing. This is why I stress on DP ad nausium that we should be taking those committee seats and setting ourselves up for victory. Those seats are what makes it happen. Those seats are why MSM ignored us. Those seats are what makes the difference between winning and rallying.

We are the best ralliers, let's take the seats and be the best winners instead!

If I could afford to do that, I would, just to network, good losers today, make great winners tomorrow, and we are now looking at tomorrow in CA elections.