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The revolutionary change starts with this - Understanding

There are real and significant differences between Romney and Paul, as well as their supporters. These differences should not be papered over. They should be openly faced, and the convention is the place to discuss the direction in which the party wishes to go. Does it return to the failed policies of the Bush administration, which set the stage for the Obama administration when it came to deficit spending, corporate bailouts, big-government regulation, executive overreach, disregard of the Constitution, and reckless foreign policy? Or does it go back to the future, moving forward by returning the party’s limited-government, non-interventionist roots? Even the area of the Paul campaign that is most controversial among average conservative Republicans is firmly rooted in the Republican tradition. It’s nothing more nor less than Robert Taft’s emphasis on armed neutrality for a republic (vs. entangling alliances for empire), Dwight Eisenhower’s warning against the military-industrial complex, and Barry Goldwater’s preference for common-sense nationalism over starry-eyed internationalism.

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