Comment: Obama is absolutely correct.

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Obama is absolutely correct.

Wow, language is such a powerful tool. And some people who use language are absolute tools. BO is correct when he says that successful business owners didn't do it alone. If your business is in any of the multitude of regulated markets that the US Government interferes with through licensing and regulation and your business is operated legally, his statement is 100% correct. Your business was built using the help of the US Government to keep your potential competitors at bay. The largest businesses with the most wealthy and influential people controlling them operate businesses in the most regulated markets; coincidental, huh? Banking, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, weapons, communications, food manufacturing, education... all regulated by big sis, all markets with competition controlled by government. Restaurants, day care centers, mechanics, car sales, real estate sales, 'public' transportation, any retail operation... once again, all licensed and permitted by government.

I'm not saying I like any of this, nor that I agree that there ought to be such control of the markets by government. But in the case of Heir Obomber's dramatic statement, he is, in fact, 100% correct.

You'll never solve the problem until you can correctly identify it. Language is a tool. Learn how to use it and how it has been used against you to manipulate how and what you think.