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The New 3 R's

Thank you for pointing out that even parochial schools can reflect the same problems as public schools. In no small part it's because parochial school teachers graduate from the very same teacher education programs as public school teachers. These days, so-called teacher training is a farce.

I agree about the importance of readin', writin', and 'rithmetic. Because of misguided elementary school education that neither 1) gives children a good grounding in those three SKILLS, nor 2) fosters an APPRECIATION for language, mathematics, history, and science, by junior high grades, in all subjects, education is reduced to the new 3R's, mind-numbing Repetition, Reinforcement, and Review.

There are some worthy private schools, Waldorf elementary schools, for one (I'm saying from firsthand experience and years of comparison with public school curriculum & methods); many home-school parents avail themselves of curriculum info and materials. (Google Waldorf homeschooling.)

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