Comment: Can You Get To See Their "Cumulative Records"?

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Can You Get To See Their "Cumulative Records"?

I remember when in the early elementary grades in public school, my parents - quite informed back in the early 60's! - used to go to the school, talk with the principal, etc., and try to get hold of their "cumulative records" on me. I do remember that they first denied their existance, then I believe when they couldn't deny it anymore, may have refused to let my parents see what information they had on me.

These are records that are kept throughout a child's school years - I believe still inaccessable to parents - that can have a major impact on how that child is "branded" throughout those school years and possibly even into the job world. (I don't know if they are accessable to parents today.)

Just another reason not to have a child in government "schools"!

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