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Comment: Cartel of Cartels: a derivative story. The Compound of Compounds

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Cartel of Cartels: a derivative story. The Compound of Compounds

Swiss Tour Guide: Our next stop is Davos, Switzerland. We will visit the Bank of International Settlements (BIS). BIS is known to bankers & their governmental indentured servants (Congressman & their international counterparts) as the Central Bank of Central Banks. It is where central banks & governments come when they can no longer print infinite amounts of debt-based confidence money ("legal tender"). The BIS is purportedly the provider of last resort for those providers of last resort that are failing to provide. Think of it as where each infinite national currency must settle for another infinite national currency.

Some think of the BIS as judge, jury & executioner of wayward bank cartels & their drunken bank members.

Bank cartel charters grant central banks the privilege to fund themselves w/o limit. The BIS may be thought of as an international banker club where bankers gather legally & tenderly to defrock each other... in front of other bankers. Please watch your step & your money as you disembark the bus. The bus leaves for Germany's Deutsche Bundesbank in 5 minutes (If this bus leaves w/o you, please catch the next link to Germany).

Warnung! Die Fütterung der Banker ist strengstens verboten!

Attention! Nourrir les banquiers est strictement interdit!

Attenzione! Nutrire i banchieri è severamente vietato!

Warning! Feeding the bankers is strictly forbidden!

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