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Hiring from outside the U.S.

Many college freshmen are in need of remediation in math and writing. This passing from one grade to the next without mastery in skills continues from high school to college. It's all fine and good so long as you remain within the artificial construct of the education system. It's not necessarily so good once you leave. We have unemployed college graduates at the same time that employers are hiring from overseas. Adding insult to injury, this occurs even with the teaching profession, the industry (and I do mean industry) that's responsible. From a USA Today article in 2008: "As far back as five years ago [2003], the National Education Association estimated that up to 10,000 foreigners already were teaching U.S. students in primary and secondary schools, mainly to fill vacancies in math, science, foreign languages and special education." It's not that there are a shortage of teachers, just a shortage of QUALIFIED teachers. OUR teachers went through OUR system of education.

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