Comment: I Have Strongly Considered Retiring In Southern Oregon..

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I Have Strongly Considered Retiring In Southern Oregon..

I love the scenery and the great fishin there. My Dads youngest brother lived there from 1963 until his death in 2011. He ran his own business for over 40 years and he just loved everything about it except the high property taxes. Medford Oregon has a very mild climate and unlike california, they still pump gas for you and even check your oil dip stick.

I strongly urge all you liberty minded self sufficient, independent minded americans to think about Southern Oregon. It is my opinion based on many of the people who live in the Medford - Grants Pass area that southern Oregon is where the freedom message is alive and well.

Btw, It is a very popular place for retirees to settle down. I remember the beautiful mess of steelhead trout i caught on my uncles property right on the Rogue river. You might be interested in knowing that Crater lake is the source of the Rogue river and it is a sight to behold..