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The "Truth" about ADD

The thing is, the kids are bored spitless. I know this is true, because I was one of them. BTW, my DOB is 3/3/1949. One of my earliest memories is of sitting on my Mom's lap, with a book in my lap, Mom reading from it and running her finger along pointing to each word as she read it. I didn't learn to read at age 2, I had reading imprinted on me. When I got to kindergarten, I was sorely disappointed. "What? I thought they were supposed to teach us stuff here! I already know how to fingerpaint!" And when they made me go down for a "nap," I simply didn't understand it. I had never had a "nap" in my life! "Geez, don't you have anything to read?" that sort of thing. I have very little doubt that if I'd behaved like that in today's schools, they'd have started drugging me or something. But the schools in the 1950's were still under local control, and the union thugs hadn't turned them into propaganda mills.

Here's a humorous look at ADD -
CAUTION! South Park:

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