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That wasn't my issue at all...
My issue was that my Son's Language Arts teacher said she KNEW he had it because her Son had it. She is not a why should I listen to her without having my Son's Doctor check him out?

I had my Son's Doctor check him out. She said my Son was fine. We also went to another Doctor to look into the "suicide" assertion of the teacher.

My Son did benefit from talking to that Doctor..because there was some issues that were on his mind..but he was not suicidal and the Doctor felt strongly that he was not.

My point was yes, there are some children that may indeed have ADD/ADHD but a teacher should not be advising Parents to medicate their children or demanding to see medical records. That is for Doctors and Parents to decide. Not every child that is opinionated, a bit energetic, or even a bit disruptive has ADD/ADHD. There are multitudes of reasons why a child may be "difficult" in class.

It is very important for Parent's to question everything. It could be that their child is a discipline problem...or it could be their child is bored and unchallenged, could be that there is a medical reason. BUT...Parents should not be told in absolutes by Teachers what needs to be done "or else". AND...Parents need to be aware of what rights they are signing over to the school while their child is in it's care.