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$WI$$ Pivot.

Switzerland is the center, like a pivot, quite static, other countries evolve, revolve, turn upside down, have revolutions, face war and destruction, etc.
See list of Swiss stock =
1- BIS, bank of international settlements is located there, its the central bank of central banks, dictating exchange rates, interest rates, & banking policies.
2- Insurance-Re, world's insurance companies join this great pool, masters of actuarial sciences, risk & threat analysis for calculating insurance premium rates.
3- keepers of the hidden wealth of all dictators & looters, drug lords, secret accounts, etc., very often the account holder dies or gets into trouble, or lands in prison, the money is left with the banks unclaimed. Over centuries tons of real money (gold & silver) is stored with them.
4- Watch-makers, master the rate of motion =(RPM) converted thru sizes of gears into fractions of Time, i.e. hours, minutes, seconds. Remember, in the usurious system "Time i$ Money", wow. Now interest is not charged annually but over-night, or "per second for imagining about it". See the , it$ precision engineering.
5- Mind altering drugs, researched & produced, both kinds, depressants and anti-depressants, sleeping pills, poisons, pharma -, etc.
6- Yeast, to puff up bread, body and human minds, gives boost to the ego, used in fermentation and producing alcoholic drinks that remove or reduce inhibitions, specially of the religious kind, the consumer is 'free' to indulge - - in - (whatever is considered sin or unlawful).
7- Provided mercenary forces to princes, even today the Swiss guards are the protectors of the Papacy.
8- HQ of ICRC, the Red-Cross, is the Swiss flag in reverse. The cover is to provide care in war zones, also collect u$eful data.
9- Inn-keepers, leaders in the hospitality industry, hotels, luxury resorts, pandering, etc.
10- Conference center of elites, the UN is for clerks & peons, those with real authority go to Geneva meetings, or Davos meetings of CEOs and central bank governors.
11- world council of churches, Priori de Sion, secret societies, Masons, Lions, Rotary, or create 'new thought', a sec, second, sect, secular.
12- Meeting of Zion was held at Basel in 1880s, for creation of a zionist state in Palestine, 25 years before the 1st world war. The israeli army is structured on the model of the swiss, compulsory military service of able bodied citizens, with a huge reserve force, well armed.
13- Proclaims Sovereignty, did not join the UN as late as 2002, only to slip into the club & look 'ordinary'. Women's right to vote was given very late.
+ $ +

the meetings at Davos, Basel & Geneva - are of those who give continuity to the $y$tem. Govts may come and go, people are in & out of office, when their term expires they are gone.
At the apex of the larger pyramid, as printed on the one dollar note, there is a small triangle, call it the eye, or trinity. 3 jokers/yokers watch over it.
1- the oldest one is the church, including the papacy with its many branches, cardinals & bishops. They claim to be the keepers of the Word, the vice-regents. these impostors cover all the sins of demons, on payment of-course. The Calvinists are in the inner circle who provide 'rationalism'.
2- the british and european monarchies & the aristocrats, specially those who claim the blood-line, related to Jeru'Salem, as touted in the fictional movie - "The Da vinci Code".
3- RothsChilde & partners, cousins et'all. Banks with many subsidiaries, controlling the money supply in the world.