Comment: The Reason Mr. Snipes went to Jail, was because he failed to

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The Reason Mr. Snipes went to Jail, was because he failed to

do one thing: That ONE thing was force the IRS to cough up an employment contract and pay records PROVING that he was a government employee/agent that was performing a function of government at the time he made the money they 'claimed' he owed taxes on.

That's it; nothing more; nothing less.

Focusing on these codes, statutes, rules, regulations and legal jargon was a complete waste of time. Focusing on whether or not you're a citizen/Citizen/Federal Citizen/State citizen or a member of the Walton's family is of no significance.

If you are not a government employee, those statutory rules do NOT apply to you, and that includes the label of (c)itizen or (C)itizen, or Federal Person(s), etc.

His one question before ever going to court should have been:

Do you have my agent # on file and can you send me a copy of the employment contract you have on file for me, that proves that I was, at the time of the complaint, performing a function of government, and when I made the money you claim I owe taxes on, can you prove that I made that money while performing a function of government?

Case Closed.

And when someone says "The Social Security or Drivers License is the contract", show them this:

These people have spent a lifetime creating codes and rules and statutes to trick and coerce the average American into believing they are somehow under THEIR jurisdiction. And to date, their millions of pages of "code" have hoodwinked the masses, and kept them chasing their tails; digging through codes and case law; searching for that one loophole to get them off the hook, but the ONE thing the foreign corporation known as the UNITED STATES could not cover up in a maze of code, was the fact that:

If a man or woman or a citizen or Citizen, have not signed into an employment contract, and are not receiving pay for their work, then they (the State) has absolutely zero jurisdiction over them or their money.

No contract = No jurisdiction