Comment: You may consider this. SS and

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You may consider this. SS and

You may consider this. SS and DL are not the contracts, but aplication for them is an act of creation of trust. We are signators (creators), but "we made them" beneficiaries and "made ourselves trustees". That means we are obliged ourselves to preform and pay the dues to beneficiaries, means them, the gov.
Why is that important? Because, when you are before a judge and you say I dont have a contract with them, they will say "Yes", but you are still obliged. And you will not understand what happend.
I did not discover this. Christian Walters did, and his right IMO. It's not about contracts. It never was. Its all about trust.
You can find in Black's Law Dict. " none of the parties have to know that trust was created". That means even a creator (trustor)(us).
The sovereign movement spent to much time learning about statutes and contracts. The power is in trust, IMHO. Peace.