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So now they can FORCE me to perform and make them


Um, isn't slavery a Human Rights violation? And if having to 'perform', shouldn't I be getting paid?

Can they show me a contract where I agreed to perform for free and make them money?

Signing a piece of paper does not compel someone to perform; there is no motivation to perform from a signature. But what DOES compel one to perform is CASH MONEY every Friday.

What happens if you file an application of employment at McDonald's; but never show up for work? Did that create a Trust? Because you signed an employment contract, are you now obligated to show up Monday? What if you change your mind and decide to work for Burger King over the weekend?

Can McDonald's then take you to court and say "Hey, he signed an employment contract, but never showed up; and because he signed the employment contract, even though he changed his mind and is now working for Burger King, we still feel that he is obligated to pay us union fees?"


That would be one out of this world employment contract, if it is in writing that you agree to work for McDonald's for life, and if you change your mind two years later because you got a better job at Burger King, you still have to pay McDonald's a union fee ... lol