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Comment: If the Game plan

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If the Game plan

is working you simply do not change the strategy. Now I am no expert on anything, so don't laugh at me too hard, but I sincerely feel that we have the numbers, and the numbers do not lie. I do not know what the numbers are, but no body else does either, or they ain't saying and that would be our camp, or they really do not know and right now I would say that was the RNC and Romney's camp. We will know the answer by the eve of the convention when Paul has the one last rally and everyone knows now that he will be on the ballot for sure and when they all turn out it will be history making, because the world will know our numbers by then. I have only one regret about this journey and that is that I will not be able to attend the convention in Tampa as I would have liked to marched up to the gates with my military brothers and sisters. They do this for U.S. support them!