Comment: Plurality determined at the RNC?

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Plurality determined at the RNC?

Greetings all,

So am I safe to assume the plurality is decided at the RNC and not at the state conventions? For instance, let's say that Romney swept all 50 states but once all the delegates got to Tampa, the RNC would ask each delegation who they would like to place on the ballot. If a plurality, if only between Romney and Paul would be 51%, of 5 delegations wanted to place Paul on the ballot, he would have established the required plurality needed.

If this is the case, Romney has not established a plurality either. We assume he will get a plurality at the RNC because he, like Paul, are assumed to have delegates that support him regardless of being bound.

So the best case scenario for Paul would be if Romney never achieves a plurality from any delegation at the RNC which would force all delegates to vote for Paul.

Can anyone answer or confirm my question/slash scenario?