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The Destruction. . .

I've seen, due to parents putting their children on Ritalin-type of medications, is very horrible.

People may try to tiptoe around you because you allege to be on medication - but I've experienced the results of adults who have been drugged since they were young - and it's not been a pleasant experience.

One young man is fighting every day to get off of all of the medications the government insists he take, that started with his parents. The government has the carrot and the stick motivation going for him. You take your drugs now, Andy or we will, BAM!, whack you where it hurts and throw you out of our government housing.

There is another alleged ADD/ADHD victim, in his late 30's, who was also started on legal drugs by his parents. He had to be removed because he was on so many psycho meds, when he decided to lace it with some alcohol - yeh, he went over the top and started destroying things - wound up in the psycho ward.

Yes, I think there is something wrong with it. I'm tired of the pharmaceutical companies creating dependencies on drugs that do more harm than good. That goes especially for those giving drugs to young children because they're deemed too active. They aren't sitting placidly at a desk, glassy-eyed and drooling.

The hottest part of the inferno's of Hades is reserved for those who harm children.

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