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Comment: Yes, MY ballot here in Louisiana WILL say,

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Yes, MY ballot here in Louisiana WILL say,

"Electors for Barack Obama - President, Joe Biden - Vice-President"

It will have similar language for Gary Johnson, as well as whomever the GOP nominee turns out to be, and most likely as well Ron Paul on some other party label since a group was successful in doing so last time, and a myriad of other party candidates. (usually at least one from the Constitution, Green and various socialist parties. I'm not sure if the AE group locally is going to put up Electors, they are still building party registration. And thought the Reform Party here is still recognized, I don't recall them fielding Presidential Candidates, they seem to only run local and state level offices)

Maybe they don't say that in your state, but that doesn't change the fact that the candidate isn't really the candidate, the Electors are and THAT is who you are voting for.

I wasn't playing semantics. I was trying to get you to clarify. You kind of still haven't, but I'll take it to mean that voters will not have the option of voting for Ron Paul's Electors in ANY state.

You do not know that yet as I have indicated. And in fact, I'd say there is a better than excellent chance that if Ron doesn't get the GOP nod, Louisiana will have a slate for him on our ballot - just like last time. It's too easy to do.