Comment: if voting 3rd party is a

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if voting 3rd party is a

if voting 3rd party is a waste of time. Thne we wouldn't have ron paul or the message which has been voted on for generations and building.

If we went by your reasoning. We wouldn't be here today arguing about ron paul winning the gop nomination!

The reason ron paul is strong in the gop now is because he built within the gop and 3rd parties and brought crossovers to the gop and vice versa! 3rd parties do help change directions in the 2 party system at local and state level and they do help build coalitions and movements!

would ron paul's movement be as big if he had not run 3rd party and reached out to them? probably not! me being a prime example along with many others!

My 3rd party voting has made us stronger in the long run as we hold the gop accountable at the local,state and federal levels. the lp was held in check ;last election for nominating a biggov lying neo-con(bob barr)!! I will be holding the gop accountable with my vote forever! voting 3rd party is better then voting for obamney. 3rd parties take time ask the gop. they were a 3rd party at one time! something tells me if the gop doesn't shape up soon. The gop will be a 3rd party as it shrinks!

Ron Paul 2016