Comment: This is meaningless if there are only two candidates in the

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This is meaningless if there are only two candidates in the


The American voter does not know or does not understand that the two parties control the debates and will not allow someone else in.

They think that because only two are on stage, these are their only two choices.

When they see other candidates on their ballot, they don't know anything about them or that they were even still if ever, running.

If the media is not talking about you, if pollsters are not including you, and if you aren't in the debates - YOU DO NOT EXIST as an option. The American voter will NOT consider you.

Now, IF you managed all of those things, which you can't control and the people in power will make sure you don't, THEN and ONLY THEN would 80% actually consider voting for you.

It is high time someone took the media to task, to their face, live on the air, and had this fight out.

It needs to be clear and made known to everyone - there is collusion and racketeering going on with elections.

Short of that, no, 80% of Americans will give not a second thought to anyone BUT Romney or Obama. They are too stupid and stubbornly ignorant to do so.