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Have you read my links above and the links within those links?

I'm very aware of the Trust and the Dead Estate that was created (Certificate of Live Birth), and the "Office" they sent you in the mail; and that the judge is the trustee (public servant); and that they are attempting to administrate for you.

Go read my other posts on this subject; I've wrote A LOT on this.

Yes, they created and estate (the dead you); the proof of the estate is the Registrars signature and State seal embossed on the Certificate of Live Birth. They send you the certificate, which is an Office; and try to get you to perform through that title/office.

The easiest way around that is do not contract with the court when they call you name; immediately when the judge calls the "NAME", say the name is not what's important here today, but the rather the roles we are playing.

Then ask the judge one simple question: Are you a public servant?

judge goes ape sh*t crazy; calls in sheriffs; you ask again and tell sheriffs to stand down (they are public servants/trustees); get the judges oath on the public record, and appoint the judge as the trustee in this matter and order him/her to discharge/settle the debt. You can sign and discharge, or we can go to a jury trial and I'll need to see my accuser for cross examination; and we'll need an affidavit of truth from that accuser in the court record.

Case closed.