Comment: There is very little margin for error in all this!

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There is very little margin for error in all this!

OK, right... it looks like Rule 19(c) states the the credentials of each delegate must be filed with the secretary of the RNC which makes up the temporary roll... then it looks like by Rule 22 that any contests must be filed 30 days before the convention.

So the Committee on Contests looks like it will have to make the initial decision about the contested delegations... that is as long as those delegations have submitted their grounds for the contest no later than 30 days.

Then by Rule 24, once the convention has assembled the Committee on Credentials will be given all credentials... also it looks like it is possible to submit an appeal arising from any ruling by the Committee on Contests... which the Committee on Credentials will consider (as long as it is submitted to the secretary an hour before their convening).

Rule 24(c) clearly states that any contest involving one or more delegate or alternate must first be presented to the Committee on Contests... and that deadline is fasting approaching!

So then the final say on the credentials of delegates and the official roll, it appears, is not finally decided on until the convention has assembled.... then those credentialed delegates from each state independently must submit the necessary nomination form.

Considering how close the necessary 5 state plurality is.. there appears to be very little margin for error in all this! Let's indeed hope all the chairs of the delegations are dotting the i's and crossing the t's.