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Mike, I'm not being combatant, it just gets old trying to combat

half truths and misconceptions that will send future viewers down the wrong path; or totally frustrate them. These threads get so cluttered, people don't know what to think.

First of all, you did NOT create the Estate they are administrating. They created the Certificate of Live Birth; it even has their State seal and Registrars signature on it to prove it, and He Who Creates Owns.

They send you that Certificate (not the original your mother signed), that they split the title on in the mail; you pick it up and start using it as identity and that's where it begins.

If this is not what you're talking about, then please reply below "with a very detailed description"; not just a quote or phrase or part of paragraph that leaves everyone wondering what's next or where to go from here.

None of us know everything; it takes a collective effort, so if you have other information, please share it. Also, would you please prove to me where signing a contract or creating a trust compels (forces) anyone to actually perform and make money for someone else, when they aren't paying us anything in return to do so.

Thanks and Peace.