Comment: Jack is just another coward who is scared

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Jack is just another coward who is scared

to stand up to the Zionist power! Didn't you notice, when Pat Buchanan was attacked for his (non) anti-Semitism and racism, just
to make it look good, Jack bailed from the American Conservative Magazine and went to the Zionist friendly Daily Caller. Folks, the empirical facts are the Fed, Zionism, and the other Talmudic followers who control Hollywood, MSM, Porn industry, ect, are destroying our country, morally, spriritually, and economically. You can call me anti-Semetic, but I could care less, as my Lord warned throughout the Gospels, that the Pharisees promote evil and are not to be followed. Matthew 16:6 states this fact. Until, we are willing to stand up to this fact, we will fail, like all the other Empires they plagued. It has never been about the Torah following Jews throughout history, it's been those who follow the Talmud (Pharisee teachings) who have been the corrupt 'moneychangers' destroying empires with debt and undermining their cultures with satanic filth brought from Babylon. The biggest problem we face it the thousands of Judas immitators who are trading power and fortunes for their souls and the scvereignty of our country. If you are a Christian, you can learn lots of information on from Rev Ted Pike who's father was reposible for creating the 'National Day of Prayer'. You can sign up for weekly newletters on current events brought about by the Talmudic Zionists and how to view them from a Christian perspective. Here's an example of this weeks newsletter 'How ZOG Watches You'