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Comment: 3rd parties are useful in theory, but not in present reality.

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3rd parties are useful in theory, but not in present reality.

There was a time where they were viable. The present options are not.

Small "l" libertarians are not Libertarians. If they get elected in the GOP or Dem parties, then they are by definition NOT 3rd party office holders. Sure, it's great that they got elected, but it wasn't because of or via the LP.

The GOP was formed and over took the Whigs and won the White House all in the span of about 10 years. The LP has been at it for 40 and they are as far away from such a victory as they ever have been.

The nation and the world are a much different place than the 1850s. The political climate is far different. The MEDIA is different. Back then, a larger percentage of voters had a vested interest in the outcome and knew what the hell was going on. The franchise has been since so diluted and the vast majority of voters so caught up in horse race nonsense, that there is essentially, no way for a REAL candidate to win any more. The system will not allow it and the voters don't care enough to change their behavior.

I'm not saying it isn't possible ever, or even in the near future for SOME 3rd party to pull off the coup. But it isn't going to come from any currently formed party, and it isn't going to be this or the next election cycle.

The biggest issue is money. We don't have it.

Without money, we don't have access or connections or the means to organize at the level and sophistication required to pull off forming a party that could take the White House within a few cycles. Short of that, you lose momentum and you stagnate.