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Please take 15 minutes to read the ORS law,

don't be too quick to run with something that sounds good.

ORS 248.031 is not talking about county officers, it is defining what the "County Central Committee" is = the PCPs in the county. 248.031 reads: "The precinct committeepersons of the county shall constitute the county central committee of their party."

ORS 248.035 is the section that describes the election of County Officers and it does not say that they need to be PCPs; it in fact says very much the opposite:
248.035 sub-section (b) reads "The committee next shall elect a chairperson, vice chairperson and other officers the committee considers necessary. The persons elected to the offices need not be members of the county central committee."

In other words, county officers need not be PCPs, if we are under ORS. State officers need not be county officers, too, according to 248.085, if we are under ORS law.

But that's not all, regarding whether the ORP is even under ORS 248 or not, please read more carefully the email linked to the "" article ( ) especially the bottom email, which is actually the first in the thread.

In it, Tyler, the ORP counsel, asks to be sent "a copy of whatever notice Brandon Danz (our former Executive Director) sent to Elections regarding our normal intent to opt out,..." and says that "He told me it was done last summer but I wanted to have a copy of that for my files as he is gone now."

I would definitely like to see a copy of the 2010 opt out that he asks about, to be sure that it really exists and was filed on time. But it seems like this may be just the ORP counsel requesting and getting back a copy of the notice to opt out which had been filed the previous summer (2010) by the former Executive Director.

Because it says "please consider this the formal written notice/re-notice" I also thought that this is the only notice and would therefore have been 2 weeks late. But having read the whole thing more carefully, I'm thinking it may not be the first notice.

If you ignore the word "re-notice" and don't read the email on the bottom, it seems obvious that this is the first notice to Elections for opting out. But if you read the whole thing, it appears that Tyler is making certain that Elections knows that the ORP is opting out but wording it so officially that it sounds like THE ONLY and OFFICIAL notice they have given to opt out this election cycle.

Allen Alley and his supporters are doing a great job violating rules and giving us a great case for ousting them and getting honest, principled people in state and county leadership soon. We can't get distracted chasing phantoms and destroy the credibility that our movement has been gaining over these past months and years.

Focus on learning the facts and the rules, verify things before going with something that looks so good at first glance.

Liberty, peace and prosperity!