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Comment: Ill take a stab at this one...

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Ill take a stab at this one...

First let me tell you that I am all of those things you mention. I am *extremely* pro-choice (I literally consider myself pro-abortion) and extremely pro gay rights. I am often rude, and crude, and I have absolutely no moral values whatsoever. I literally have two girlfriends. I am a hardcore atheist. I once ran over a kitten.

And I fully support Ron Paul. Why? It has nothing to do with him being "good" in the over simplistic view you have of morality, but he doesn't try to force his "good" morals on anyone else, anymore than Gary Johnson would try to force his beliefs on you.

Also this isn't an issue of good vs evil, it is an issue of government control vs individual freedom. Ron Paul and I probably disagree on moral issues more than you and Gary Johnson do, but all 4 of us agree on what the role of government should be. And that's really all that matters.

Moreover, you are never going to get another Ron Paul, so if you want to promote the ideas of Ron Paul, you better start getting used to supporting people like Gary Johnson and others with whom you agree on core-concepts and the role of government.