Comment: I spent a few years learning

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I spent a few years learning

I spent a few years learning commerce with patriot movement. I had my small battle with IRS.
What I really learned is that there is something missing in the commerce knowledge.
At some point I realized that the mortgage contract (Im a real estate broker for over 20yrs) is not a contract, it must be a trust. So I started to look for trust info in the sovereign movement. And Christian Walters was really started going into trust at that time. After being on his show for over a year I've learned that patriots dwelling in understnding commerce are wasting time, because the Gov and banks and others are doing trust with us and not commerce. Once again I was referring to SS and DL. We started those trusts. Sure they tricked us to do it, but we are trust creators neverless.
If it comes to Birth Certificate. They tricked our parents to create the trust for us. They are smart. They dont want to be hanged or "gillotined". They have all paperwork to prove it, that we did or our parents did it.
And if we go to court and start talking about commerce ( like contracts, which are at law) and they here to decide on controversy arouse in trust administration ( which is equity), we are insane and they will ask us to seek advice of the lawyer.
Judge knows everything about equity (at least most of them), lawyers dont. That is the reason why the language is similar. When the lawyer and the patriot think they in the commerce situation, judge sees trust and is acting like it is trust issue.