Comment: You just quit reading because of an UD of HR excerpt? .... LOL

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You just quit reading because of an UD of HR excerpt? .... LOL

That is a basic foundation of human rights, that is pretty well recognized in most civilized countries, isn't it?

Let me ask you something: Is slavery legal in the United States?

Can they compel you to perform without pay? Can anyone in this country come to your house and tell you to get outside and dig them a hole for their mailbox, without an agreement between the two of you on how much you are getting paid for digging that hole?

Always someone who comes along in a thread and tries to discredit the entire thing because a few sentences, that were actually meant to give an example; or to give people a basic concept of the idea of being worked without pay.

I always have to laugh when someone (anyone, not just me) makes a very relevant post, with tons of good information others can learn from, and someone leaves a comment like that in an attempt to completely discredit the entire overall concept.

"I quit reading when I seen a period was used instead of a comma" "It's a complete waste of time because the author started a sentence with a verb" ... "The entire article has no merit because the author cited an example that comes from a UDHR Article"