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Did you watch the video?

Have you watched any of his other videos? He talks about these things, but I can't just pull phrases and sentences out of two hour videos; you'll have to spend a little time watching and learning to learn how to enforce the fee schedules.

Look up Dean Clifford Trust Law on YouTube; he's got a lot of info our there.

You can send fee schedules to the Secretary of State; the Attorney General, or whoever you think needs one. The chief council for the police department; the Governor, hell, send everyone one. Make a copy to carry around with you.

It can even be a negotiable fee schedule. You say you want $50,000.00/hour, they can counter your offer with an offer of their own. If you don't like their counteroffer, kindly turn them down.

I don't even know if you need to file one anywhere in advance. Just carry it with you. If an agency contacts you via mail, reply with a rebuttal and fee schedule.

Kind of like a Chinese restaurant: They don't send you a dining fee schedule in advance do they? Nope, you see it when you show up and sit down. If the prices are too high, you get up and leave and go next door to another restaurant.

Grocery Store: You walk in a see the prices, and say "Hey, these prices are great, I'll shop here", or you say "Damn, these people are too high for my pocket book, I'm going elsewhere".

Does the police department send you a fee schedule in advance, or just drop the bomb on you? Does the State send you a fee schedule, or just drop the bomb on you?