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A person born in the District of Columbia, and residing in the District of Columbia is a FEDERAL person, and CONGRESS can make ANY LAW for FEDERAL persons that they want!!!

Now ask yourself, what is THEIR meaning of the word "person"?

Let find out:

It is an office they created; it's not a man or woman. Remember all my posts on the Certificate of Live Birth?

Now we go to:

USC Title 5, 552(a)
(13) the term “Federal personnel” means officers and
A person born in the District of Columbia...

employees of the Government of the United States, members of the uniformed services (including members of the Reserve Components), individuals entitled to receive immediate or deferred retirement benefits under any retirement program of the Government of the United States (including survivor benefits).

Are you an person, officer, an employee, or member of the uniformed services?

Are you an individual who's entitled to receive immediate or deferred retirement benefits? Yes, if you are an EMPLOYEE of their corporation.

Are you entitled to receive retirement benefits from McDonald's, if you do not work at McDonald's?

What is a retirement program? Isn't that something you enter into when you go to work for a company or corporation?

What happens when you go to work for said company or corporation?

You Get A Paycheck On The 1st and 15th.

We also now know that social security is not a contract:

They can make a law that requires federal persons to pay 100% of their paycheck? I guess they can IF they are federal personnel, but what's the chances of THEM taxing themselves 100%?

If it is true that the District of Columbia is Slave Central and they can FORCE anyone in that district to give them 100% of their pay, then I'd suggest anyone who lives in that district that is not an employee of the United States, pack your bags and run for the border.

They can make up all the definitions to words they want. They can try and trick you into being one of those "federal persons", but even if the are successful in tricking you into person-ship, you are still entitled to get paid for your time, sweat and labor.

Slavery is not legal, but voluntary servitude is. Did you agree to work for free?

Can they cough up a contract that plainly in clear language spells out for the average man or woman to see, that they are agreeing to working for free?

It's nothing but a magic trick my friend; a sleight of hands; a word puzzle; a deceitful fraud from the time they split the title on the original Record of Live Birth.

Were you performing a function of government at the time of the complaint, and at the time you made the money they claim you owe in taxes?

No one ever brings up this point. Everyone is so busy chasing their tails searching through a maze of unreadable code, looking for that ONE loophole, and the ONE loophole is the one we are standing in trying to find the loophole ... lol