Comment: Mike, the Government Absolutely Will Write You A Check

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Mike, the Government Absolutely Will Write You A Check

If they violate your "Rights", they will pay for it. Will they kick and scream the entire time? Of course, but the law is the law, and even these people must adhere to the law.

It's all contracts and commerce. If you study this information that people like Dean Clifford, Rod Class and EJ, and others teach, you very well CAN and WILL collect money for damages.

These people are bonded; they have jobs like the rest of us. If you abuse your neighbors rights and he is an injured party and can prove it, what happens?

That's right, you get compensated. But you have to do a little study time and learn court procedures; learn the processes of enforcement.

I can't possibly show you all that in a thread or a comment. People have to spend some time with their nose in the book or the computer screen and get knowledge and confidence.

For the Record: Yes, you absolutely 100% can enforce fee schedules and absolutely can and will get paid if you know what you are doing.

Will you learn how to do it in 7 minutes?