Comment: It was the best of times

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It was the best of times

It was the worst of times

I let my gf handle the whole thing, and she said it started at 7pm. Come to find out, there was a meet and greet with the judge at 6pm to 7pm. That would have been the perfect time to talk to him, but alas, the gf strikes again!

I had another opportunity though. They asked those that wanted to, to write down questions for him on a card, and he would answer them at the end of his speech. I wrote down my question, and another:

"If you had to choose, would you rather be vice president, or supreme court justice"

There was a on air personality by the name of Nate Sheldon 670AM Idaho(and his trusty sidekick) that were reading the questions to the judge. Strangely enough, neither of my questions were asked. Considering what a big gov boob/ Ron Paul hater Nate is, I wasn't exactly shocked that he would censor my questions.

...and that's what really blows my mind!

Silverheads EVERYWHERE! The place was practically a centrum silver sommercial, and they ALL came to see and clap for the judge. The same judge that is in lock step with Ron Paul. The same judge that dedicated his latest book (which he had on full display) to Ron Paul.
The same judge...awww hell, I'm preaching to the choir here.
The point is, that the judge gave a TREMENDOUS speech! A great part was where he walked through the bill of rights.
He BLASTED the patriot act!
He said the second ammendment had nothing to do with hunting (I was already clapping at this point as I knew what was coming :D), that it was about shooting tyrants! I, and several others gave him a standing ovation for that one!

Back to my confusion though:

These are the same people that would go out of there way to see the judge, heaping praise on his every word, yet would blast Ron Paul, and try to stop his supporters from winning delegates in any way they possibly can - including cheating!

I guess the only real difference between the two, is that the judge hasn't been badmouthed to high heaven by all of their "gurus".

The power these GOP influence peddlers have (you all know the ones I'm talking about) over the minds of these sheep, is truly incredible!

As far as supporting Romney, the judge made the weakest case for doing it I have ever heard. In fact, he didn't even say for everyone to vote for him, he just said "he is the quarterback we have", and moved on.

The entire speech was a lesson. He was trying to drop some knowledge on their thick heads. I hope some of it took hold.

The confused look on some of their faces when they bought his book, cracked it open, and saw the dedication to Dr. Paul was hilarious and saddening.

I do think that we will all be remembered one day, as those who lead the way in the fight for freedom. I haven't read the book yet, but I have to imagine that when these people read it, they will lament the choices they have made in this important election.

The only other alternative would be to dismiss the judge. Judging by the reaction of this crowd, to the words he spoke, I can't see that happening.