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Forum Request/Suggestion.

I realized something is missing from the forum categories.

Many of us have gotten to know each other over the years and so sharing information about ourselves is relevant to the board, but is off topic when compared with the main focus of the website.

I have seen a number of posts where someone decided to share something about themselves on here but that is not directly related to Ron Paul, libertarianism, politics, etc. I just did, possibly for the first time as well.

It's not quite off-topic, but not quite on-topic, so a nice middle ground like


etc that would be directly relevant to or about community members but irrelevant politically. (My most recent post might be an example. I won't link from here because that would just seem like an attempt to get people's attention which is not my goal/interest.)

Another example is when someone posts "I've been a member X years today."... I added this because I just realized I have been a member 5 yrs as of yesterday and it reminded me of all the anniversary posts.

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