Comment: Thanks for the dialog Freetoroam

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Thanks for the dialog Freetoroam

I really do appreciate your willingness to discuss these things. Please honestly answer this question: if what I'm saying, which is simply what the bible declares, is true, doesn't that necessarily mean that those who proclaim that message, in spite of the strong opposition by the masses, are the true friends and lovers of the society they are trying to warn and eventually see saved from the wrath that is to come upon the world?

In short, if it is not, as you say, a "myth of creation", then there will be MANY horrified people on the day of Judgement.

And IF that messenger is wrong, but still wholeheartedly believes what the bible says, which the Crusaders and those who currently make war and trouble in the name of God, (as seen by their barbarous actions) did NOT, what harm is there in simply dismissing the unpalatable portions of the message, and at least tolerating the "love you neighbor" part? After all, you don't want to live near a spiteful neighbor, but rather one who strives to treat you even better that he treats himself.

Sadly, you and the world have had you view of Christianity painted by the multitude of false Christians out there who, in word name Christ while, in deed, deny him.

You basically called me a hostile bigot. You certainly have the freedom to believe that. But it is untrue. After meeting me in person, you probably wouldn't mind having me as a neighbor. I don't bite, I'm not an angry man, I'd die to protect you and your family and, after telling you the good news of the gospel once, because I care about people's souls, I wouldn't keep trying to "shove it down your throat" as so many try to do.

Next, just because someone uses something to justify an evil action, doesn't mean that that action was justly carried out or that source that was claimed to have motivated that action was, in and of itself, evil. People use that same line of reasoning about Ron Paul. "The reason I'm voting for Romney", they say, "is because I think Ron Paul's foreign policy is unAmerican and his stance on social is wrong." Their justification for their wrong action is something that is actually good and constitutional.

Adam and I are very different people with different beliefs on this issue. But we are lock step, I believe , on the Liberty issue. And that is what we are fighting for, right?

Peace to you!

When injustice becomes Law; Revolution becomes DUTY!!