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The book

The book is available on Amazon, sold out of the U.N. bookstore, called, "U.N. Agenda for the Twentyfirst Century: Sustainable Development". $65.00.

What Dimitry Orlov has done, is read that book, made comparisons to Russia, and given us the U.N. plan for America.

When I read GuLag Archipelo by Solzenitchen, I saw the plan for the USA, that book has been the road map to our COLLAPSE BY DESIGN.

I bet the questions from the audience weren't on the video because there are people like me who attend these things and ask questions that expose these UN intel-ops for what they are, mesengers.

Richard Heinberg from Peak Oil was made into a bumbling idiot after the BP oil spill... This is NWO BS.. And if you don't want to think the UN Agenda is real, start serving me in the name of serving yourself. Let's see how well you fare doing what Demitri is suggesting. It's very wrong, and I would hope, as someone who reads Daily Paul you can point out the flaws in that speach without me spelling them out to you. (I bet I could have his boat fined for polluting the water, and poaching lobster and scallops is a crime.

Better yet, study the U.N. Agenda 21 and see for yourself. Count how many times Demitri says "Sustainable". Like 911 a sustainable collapse, blame the system, and the rich, who will still be rich, but they won't have to worry about you and me, as we will have nothing, and no way to do anything about it with no medicine, no food, no money, no transportation, but we are all happy because nature will provide.. what a pile of poop! Flowers will pick themselves, and trees will produce friuit 24 /7 if we just let them and be happy.