Comment: Fun but False

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Fun but False

He points out that our criminal government is bad. And he's right. But he reasons that therefor no government can be good. That's false.

We are all individuals. We are also part of a group. When becoming part of a group it is important that you have a choice to/not to join, and that being part of the group is beneficial to you (does not violate you/your morals).

A football team is a good example. You can join an NFL team by free will. You must be up to their standards. You must follow their rules. But you can also leave if you want. Join a different team, join a different league, start your own league, or do something entirely different. But, as part of the team, there are certain things you must do that the team determines will benefit the team. If you don't do them, the team, just like an individual, will decide it does not Live for you, and you can move along.

The question is not if we can get all people to agree on and abide by certain rules. Some people will see the value in the team, claim to agree, and then break the rules. There will be people who steal.

The solutions: Have small teams that people can join or leave. Ones that are careful in choosing their members so that the percentage of rotten apples is kept to a minimum. And one where the physical force is proportioned so that there is a small group controlling enough force to over power any one individual, but the might of all individuals can overpower that small group. The small group will never be able to overpower the larger team, so long as the individuals are vigilant. But an individual also can't overpower their neighbor who can call the small Force group.

This is how the US was created. Governed for the people by the people. Government wasn't separate from the people. Now it is. That's the basis for the video.