Comment: Ron Paul is a libertarian...

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Ron Paul is a libertarian...

Ron Paul is a libertarian.

If you believe in Ron Paul's message, you are also a libertarian.

After Ron Paul, Gary Johnson is the closest thing to a libertarian and his name will definitely be on the ballot.

Look, I am a very idealistic person, and I'd love to believe that writing Ron Paul's name in will make a statement for the Liberty Movement, but let's face it... those votes will not get counted. In an absolutely perfect, non-corrupt election, the DIEBOLD will read the ballot as a "Write-In" and it will sit there, locked up and unseen by human eyes unless the number of "Write-In" votes exceed the number of votes for any other candidate. The odds of that happening in an Obama v. Romney scenario is essentially 0%.

Sadly, I've come to the realisation that if Ron Paul's name is not on the ballot and I want to make a _meaningful_ (key word here) statement for the Liberty Movement, I must vote for Gary Johnson. I urge other Liberty-minded individuals to do the same.