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*gasp* Yes. But the

*gasp* Yes.

But the differance is, I don't believe in the "maker" as the Christian faith has laid out for me. The maker presented is a blood thirsty and sadistic egomaniac dictator who gets off on torture. Its probably not a coincedance that the "men" who wrote this book were sexually repressed bishops and priests who were probably also blood thirsty and sadistic egomaniac would-be dictators who got off on torture.

Its a book of lies written by men to be used as peasant control. its been stunningly effective and has reshaped humanity, turning us into docile sheeple who readily accept domination by collectivist dictators and who readily accept lies on faith.

If life is some sort of test, why are you given the answer right out of the gates, and in order to succeed, all you have to do is accept it without question? Why did God give us reason and intelligence if in order to pass his test, we have to willfully not use these things. Does God really want to be surrounded by a bunch of spinless yes-men who didn't have the ability or courage to question the clear cruelty and obsurdities found in the bible? Wouldn't he be better served by those who use their powers of reason to seek their own truths, to stand up against clear imorality by breaking down the barriers of dogma, and who question everything with boldness? Those who follow evil and call it good have clearly failed.

Beware the first light, for it shall be false.