Comment: what I find interesting is the fact that these days cops & SWAT

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what I find interesting is the fact that these days cops & SWAT

usually do not think twice before murdering your dog, let alone your loved ones, for looking at them funny, or raiding the wrong home at 3am, yet, we're supposed to believe that a lunatic who was basically donning the same SWAT equipment that police would use, who murdered 12+ innocent people, and shot at 90+ cinema goers, is merely "in custody" and still alive??


If there were ever a time in which they should actually go 'weapons free' would be against an obvious, active shooter/murderer. Yet, incredibly, this is the time that they actually apply restraint?


We now live in an era where a local SWAT team who were either too dumb or lazy as to not even verify the address of the home they're raiding. Nor, do cops and SWAT think twice before murdering the homeowner of that said wrong address, and worse, when confronted, get insanely indignant and smug about the fact that they just murdered homeowner of the home they just erroneously and illegally raided, as IF a free human should not have the 'audacity' to dare answer a strange commotion at his own home at 3am in the morning armed...

Yet, we're suppose to believe that your local SWAT suddenly grew some intelligence overnight, and are exercising restraint, against an alleged mass murderer?


Since when did SWAT need an excuse to NOT murder someone??

So now they're gonna actually apply discipline, when confronted with a real killer?


Really? Someone who entered from the theater's LOCKED emergency exit, in full SWAT gear (Kevlar helmet, AR15, Glock 22/23, body armor, gas mask), tactically threw a smoke bomb or some type of flashbang to 'create a diversionary confusion' before spraying lead at 70~90+ innocent cinema goers, while murdering 12 in the process, and SWAT didn't actually want to kill that said assailant, when they could care less about dogs, or owners of the WRONG address they're raiding?


Suddenly, they actually grew tactical standards, overnight, against an alleged assailant, when they rarely need 'alleged' characterization before going trigger happy, in the now PoliceState Amerika?

Right. That, MSM narrative is soooooooo believable.

Frankly, at this point, NO govt in Amerika, be they Fed, State OR local, has any credibility.

So IMHO, it's rather prudent to assume govt's guilty and more than likely anything they do as a false flag, UNTIL proven innocent.

Hey, seriously, just WTF is it gonna take before the 'brand' known as "government" itself becomes as guilty and dirty as the labels "pedophile" or "rapist?"

Can we finally get to a day where the very word, "govt," prompts the term "rapist" or "murderer" automatically, in the minds of the majority of the American population? Well... because such characterization WOULD actually be true?

Yes, it's speculation, coupled with healthy skepticism verging on healthy paranoia, but really, at this juncture in history, anyone who actually assumes everything that corporatists/statists/govt terrorists do as anything OTHER than false flag, I'd rather question that person's discernment skills.

If one's history counts for anything, as frankly that is the sole criteria in which we individually in our own lives judge our loved ones/family/friends, as well as complete strangers by, why shouldn't we apply the same critical standard when it comes to govt? What credibility do they have with us?

Thus, I feel no shame, or hype, or paranoia, in assuming (which I try not to do, but w/govt? absolutely apropos) that everything and anything govt says or does, is a LIE or a false flag operation.

At this juncture in history, one would be absolutely factually correct to assume that govt's guilty, until proven innocent, and false flag, until proven otherwise, as factual history actually bears this out.

So, long story short: always prudent to assume it's false flag or guilty until proven otherwise, when it comes to govt, then not.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul