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Comment: I don't think anyone has jumped ship those that are GJ supportes

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I don't think anyone has jumped ship those that are GJ supportes

were already because GJ could never be compared to Dr Ron Paul.

I figure he was brought out to be a spoiler not against Romel or the others but against Ron Paul consider the timing of a couple things.

Ron Paul was putting the other candidates to shame in the debates.
We were gaining steam then all of a sudden they tried to divide his vote by throwing GJ into the debate for one debate because they were getting afraid of Ron Paul.

Now there is no other candidate except Ron Paul that has a chance at winning the nomination as the Republican candidate. And the only candidate with a chance of beating Obama.

The only candidate with a prayer of restoring out country of course they would throw GJ to sabotage us from finishing the job and electing Dr Ron Paul President don't let them make you underestimate the power of liberty.

Don't fall for these distractions or anything else we are close we can win don't believe anyone that tells you any different.

Vote for NO One But DR Ron Paul.
He is the only one who can or will restore our country.
No one is telling my kids I quit in the middle of taking our country back and restoring there freedoms. NO ONE BUT RON PAUL