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Comment: Your "I will pray for you" sounds a lot like "bugger off"

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Your "I will pray for you" sounds a lot like "bugger off"

to me.

Go ahead -- pray for my username.

If I "knew" there was a hell and even thought for the shortest of micro-second measurements that YOU were heading towards it AND you asked me to direct you to a sure-path (one I profess to know) then I would send you there.

But you (et al - everyone) cannot answer a basic question: Which path of Christianity is getting it right?

Mutually Exclusive Ideologies (thus practices, beleifs, and observances) postulated as Absolutes by organizations claiming to know who's Heaven-bound and who is NOT is not an Ambiguous Journey -- There can ONLY be one correct path.

Either you are on it or you are not.

So -- which is the correct path to save my precious soul -- How about Mormonism? or a denomination that allows Gays to Lead?

Can you be direct on those questions (mormonism or denominations willing to marry gays -- if I follow their observances, rituals, ministry, beliefs, or versions of the Bible will I be saved?