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Comment: It's a bit ironic that both the "primary" canidates

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It's a bit ironic that both the "primary" canidates

for president are serious criminals. It's like a stale mate in chess right now. They both have the goods on each other. If they were not owned by the same people who control our media one of them would be getting crucified right now. As it stands...all TPTB care about is making light of both the birther issue and the bain issue and focusing on keeping President Paul from winning the nomination.

You would THINK that someone that Peter Schiff, or Judge Nap, or Lew Rockwell, knows or SOME wealthly institution that loves liberty would put the money forward to buy airtime if necessary to get this shit out into the open. President Paul has got to know this and I'm hoping he has plans. I'm not saying Dr Paul needs to be associated with the group that outs these crooks but damn, certainly after the RNC if RP is not nominated...there is no reason for RP to ignore 9/11, or any other the other high crimes being committed by the traitors in DC. I understand why he currently shys away from those topics but in the future...if I were Dr Paul, I'd let the herd of cats out of the humongous bag.