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Let me explain....

you should be despising islamists like the 19 saudis that did 9/11 and muslims who do suicide attacks, and those who remain silent about terrorist activity and demeaning woman, and those who fund the various types of terrorist attacks, and be frank that there are indeed dozens of terrorist cells in the us as well as on the mexican-us border all ready for action.

when you deny the above, you are a lover or supporter of islamists.

you don't need to despise muslims. some are peace loving and speak out against terrorism. but many do not.

first of all, you are not being accused to 'despising muslims, you are being accused of not despising violence and islamists and lie/not acknowledge/hide under the rug their infiltration allowed by obamney into the us government and other sensitive areas.

sure, israel influence is heavy. but so is bad chinese influence and there is very heavy islamic influence that is as devastating. yet, you want to pick sides. you pick islam over judaism. and you are emotional about it.

theoretically, paul preaches not taking any sides. but you ignore that and pick sides anyway, leaving you to be a serial hypocrite (not newt).