Comment: No one in the theatre had a gun?

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No one in the theatre had a gun?

This is Colorado, with very lax gun laws. A whole movie theater in Colorado and not a single one of them had a gun? I read there where some members of the armed forces in the theater, why weren't they armed?

It took 90 minutes before police arrived on the scene.

Was there really not a single person in there who could fire back, maybe kill him before he killed 11 other people and wounded 60? Surely someone in the theater at least had a concealed carry license, where was their gun? Probably at home, or in their car.

See the crime rate is below the national average in Colorado, as in not a lot of burglars break into houses; Because the criminals know the residents might be armed. So the criminals go on shooting spree's in 'gun free school zones' and movie theaters because they know the people there are unarmed.

If Colorado is going to have such loose gun laws, it's citizens need to take responsibility, and make sure they are able to defend themselves and their fellow citizens at all times. They should have open carry laws so that any lawful citizen can wear a gun on their hip.
Only then will these mass shootings stop.

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