Comment: Those who oppose this type of

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Those who oppose this type of

Those who oppose this type of behavior are not few and far between. The problem is, most of them aren't 'aggravated' enough about it to do anything about it. One thing that I've VERY QUICKLY grown sick of, is how many people I know that just say "Well that's how it is" and accept every ounce of BS that gets thrown their way. They've rolled over and given up hope of fixing anything, and only spring to life for the things that are unadulterated, fake conflict, like the 2 parties bickering between themselves. They've fooled themselves into thinking that the pointless arguing between the 2 'wings of the beast' is more productive than actually changing things caused by the bankers that run both parties.

On a side note I'm reminded of my best friend's grandfather, who is fearful of banks for this very reason. That's about all I can ever agree with him on though...(quite the bigot that one).