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Comment: Ben does not fully understand

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Ben does not fully understand

Ben does not fully understand what he is talking about here. His explanation of what made the dollar a fiat currency is incorrect and his assertion that the dollar has to be backed by a commodity (Gold /silver etc)in order to stabilize it is shortsighted as is Ron Paul's desire to return to a Gold standard.

What Ron Paul and Ben Swann do not understand is that the problem is not fiat currency, America thrived under Colonial Script which was a fiat currency until England sabotaged it..and history is full of examples of successful fiat currencies.. The problem is WHO controls the fiat currency. Who creates the fiat currency and who charges interest on the fiat currency. Who controls the currency was what the Revolutionary War was fought over.

A currency backed by Gold and run by private financiers is nothing new. It's been done before. You can't try and pin the currency to a commodity and hope it keeps people honest... that's a childish and naive view. What you need is honest people to began with. Fiat currency is not the problem and a gold standard is not the solution.

We don't need a new system, we need our government to honor the constitution and take back it's responsibility to create our money. We need honest people in government with morals and character to lead the charge.
I love Ben Swann, he just has to do a little more research in order to better understand the issue.