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I thought so it has something with the convention call

yeah- alter or abolish, the duty - I once have written a 1776 words pamphlet about that when they wanted to pass the HR 1955/S 1959 free speech ban, but then they didn't, so I never published it.

"if 3/4 of the states begin agreeing on amendments from their own conventions it automatically is a convention" - isn't it enough 2/3? - "..on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments.." I thought the 3/4 is to pass Amendments, not form a Convention.
3/4 - now 38 states
2/3 - now 34 states

In any case 31 states wouldn't be enough now and 1911 looks to me beyond limitations statutes unfortunately.

With the filling under USC 18 §2382 it is really very interesting, I rarely see one even consider something like that. I must look into it in detail.

Maybe here is another inspiration for USC 18 use - here §1001
mind the date and no comment from anybody whatsoever more than year after publication - the article was originally published in the section "latest news" and immediately moved to the "Study". -Still good - for example the 911blogger deleted the article just several minutes after I have posted it there and when I demanded explanation they mailed me some barely comprehensible pseudoarguments and restored the article in the "moderation status", never published even in the blog section and then baned me anyway for showing them an innocent and positively meant demonstration of a really major security hole which would allow me to literally delete whole their infamous 911blogger site ;) I still have that funny correspondence.
(I´m not completely undesired at Pilots4911T, because I helped Rob Balsamo a bit with the military radar analysis software for the 911Intercepted documentary, he even have put me on a prominent place in credits, but since I privately thoroughly rebutted some of the CIT absurd claims about the radar data the CIT knows s*it about last summer and proved CIT deliberately lying to me from the very beginning about their stance on the Triby 5gon video - they claimed from the very beginning the video proves 84Rades radar data being a fake - later repeatedly denying it - when it in fact exactly confirms the position of the C-130 on the military radar as I extensively proved to them from multiple sets of military and civilian radar data corroborating each other - ...and they called me names in such furious manner I never experienced anything like that - reason? The result of the C-130 flightpath projected in 3D showed exactly what their ANC wittnesses claim have seen, but at the same time completely destroyed their terrories about the C-130 flightpath they made based on confused misinterpretations of the wittness accounts and because not knowing anything about perspective illusions - I hope you at least generally grasp what I'm talking about - then I was warned I can be baned there if I continue - and I was also degraded from globmod, so since then I don't much post there and I'm very skeptical about the whole sense of continuing 9/11 research - I know the principal perpetrator beyond reasonable doubt, almost nobody believes me, and I'm anyway very skeptical something can be done about a military junta with the taxpayers funded pile of WMDs and ruining whole states with their wars for profit the 911 was the pretext for, so why continue to bother with co-opted hysterical jerks at the truthers websites, I'm not even an American for me to vitaly need it or be able to do something about, so after years of detailed research of the 9/11 data I now rather spend my time watching what goes on with the Ron Paul movement where at least I feel some sense and hope although also quite skeptical that he can be nominated.)
I was always more into researching 5gon and especially the radar records and other mainly aviation data obtained on FOIA (I collaborated with kawika to obtain the terabytes of the National Archive 9/11 files - it was mainly his work, I just directed him what we want - which almost all are so reluctant to look into, but I somehow unfortunately lost contact with him after some state bastards here confiscated my apartment and I needed to fight them for half a year to get it back...) than the WTC research which I think is outside my expertise, but I surely would be very interested in your results.