Comment: Tesla is the Father of Weather Modification (HAARP)

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Tesla is the Father of Weather Modification (HAARP)

Tesla and HAARP

Tesla Compilation - One Secrets Tribute

Tesla vs Edision, vs Einstein, vs JP Morgan


Lockeed uses Tesla's Patent of 11/05/1901 - Laser Could Keep Military Drone Flying Forever

The Tallest Building in the world in Japan, a 2100 Foot "Broadcast Tower" "What its Broadcasting"?

This same Japanese Company is going to build by 2050 what they call "The Space Elevator", a cover-phrase for "Tesla's Worldwide Wireless System", that accesses energy from the Ionosphere.

Russia admitted to using Tesla's Nucleo Magnetic Spacecraft to reach Mars by 2025.

Huffington Post: Electro-Magnetic "Tractor Beam Possible"