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again wrong, lack of reading skills?

a right comming with benefits from society (as the right of a heterosexual pair to marry each other, have the children and get so the benefits for their service as parents for biological perpetuation of mankind) is a privilege, privileges are always instituted, given, for example any major church would not give the privilege of marriage to any open homosexuals not speaking about to marry a pair of homosexuals and so they clearly are not considered fundamental for existence -and one can of course imagine other system of human existence, where a family is completely disolved and children produced in vials and everybody f*cks whoever wants or where a marriage comes not with benefits but penalty perhaps to encourage people not to reproduce themselves naturally but give this function to the kid factories. But our human society recognizes this privilege of marriage for heterosexual pairs across the cultures but also since milenias doesn't find such privilege fundamental for existence for somebody who is not even principially able to deserve the privilege because is for obvious reasons unable to fully serve the fundamental purpose of the marriage.
The privileges needn't to be equal and the privileges which heterosexuals have for making and rising kids aren't authomatically given to homosexuals, because nobody expects them for obvious reasons to make and rise own kids - that's the reality which in my opinion is quite just and what you want for homosexuals - you want the equality in benefits but not equality in the service given by the heterosexuals for it to society and humankind I definitely don't find being just.
Problem is that you don't understand there are rights which come with a responsibility and conditions - for example everybody has a natural right to see, but the condition for exercising the right is to have eyes or at least not to wear pitch black glasses. Everybody has a legal right to keep and bear gun, but not to go and shoot with it a drugstore clerk to easier take some bucks from his register - then he would lose that right to keep and bear the gun and many other rights, maybe even the right to life. Everybody has the right to go and marry an adult opposite sex person, have a consensual sex with that person, have children and rise children with the person and have all the legal and financial benefits comming with the marriage, but if cheating the person when married and the other person finds out and fills for divorce, not only the cheater would lose the marriage and benefits comming with it, but most probably also the right to full-fledgedly raise the children, most of the share from the mutual property or everything, spend at least several months with lawyers and in courts, paying dearly and then even pay every month the maintenance until children adult and out of school. If I would be a lawyer in USA I would not much recommend to people accustomed of having dozens or even 1000+ sexual partners to strive for the eligibility for a marriage and adoption rights, nobody ever knows if the other would not take the marriage fidelity really seriously...

With the homophobia - for example my friend a pure homosexual, ended homeless because of debts on health insurance and penalties (our infamous individual mandate) and I leaved him live for free in my flat for more than year to get under radar - I somehow don't remember I would feel a fear or even a phobia to come home. OK, sometimes he didn't pay his internet for months and when I gave him once the money to pay it to avoid the company disconnecting him and ask the reconnection fee and he then subsequently went and lost the money gambling on the slot machines and not comming back for several days then I had a bit fear and when he eventually came back and I finally got from him after several hours of unbelievable stories the truth I eventually asked him to move somewhere else, mainly because I was not sure about the origin of his debts and who could one day come and confiscate my stuff. A pure episode of homophobia...